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Red Staple Media is focused on creating interactive communities that provide a resource for you to bring the dreams of yours, or your business, alive on the Interweb.

The people at Red Staple Media have the skills and knowledge to help you reach your dreams, whether that be with the creation and management of a blog, online community, or assistance with search engine optimization.

One of the most important goals for Red Staple Media is to build long lasting relationships with our clients, understanding exactly what you need and helping you get there.

Explore some of the current offerings provided by Red Staple Media and let us know how we can help you!

Domains For Sale

Available Domain Names

In need of a domain name for your new website? Review the list of available domain names below and contact us with an offer to purchase one or more (discounts available).

  • ATypicalDad.com
  • BeadInsanity.com
  • ClickTheBrick.com
  • DemoThesis.com
  • G-Slick.com
  • InfinitePLR.com
  • RemarkablePLR.com
  • ProfitableAdsense.com
  • ScreamingMoms.com
  • SpeakUpUSA.org


Shoot me an email at derek [@] redstaplemedia [.] com, which is usually the quickest and easiest way to get in touch, to let me know which domain you're interested in buying. Due to the volume of email received, please give me a few moments to get you a response.


Prefer to discuss your interest in our domains on the telephone? Feel free to dial me up at 312.285.0830.

Thesis Clients :: The Most Powerful WordPress Theme

Prepare To Be Amazed

There is no question that the Thesis WordPress theme is the most powerful WordPress theme that you will find. Unfortunately, many users of the Thesis theme barely scratch the surface of what is possible with this powerful WordPress theme.

We have good news!

Red Staple Media has taken the time to roll up their sleeves and dig down to the inner depths of the Thesis theme. Are you ready to see how Red Staple Media can leverage the Thesis WordPress theme to transform your business?

We thought you would be, so take a look at a few of our previous clients to see what we have done for them!



Lee from MyBlog2Day came to Red Staple Media with the desire to customize the Blogussion Thesis Skin that he had purchased.

Working very closely with Lee, we determined exactly what he wanted to do with the theme and we got to work. As we progressed, we had numerous review sessions with Lee to make sure that everything was exactly as he wanted.

Once we had everything squared away, we packaged all of the customizations and provided Lee with a custom installation guide. In addition, we were there for assistance as the customizations were installed on his live site to guarantee that everything ran smoothly!



When Ian Fernando saw what we had done with the Thesis theme for the WordPress Ninja blog, he asked Red Staple Media to lend a hand with redesigning his premium training course on Facebook advertising.

After a brief conversation to determine exactly what Ian wanted from his new design, we jump-started the design and development process and had a fully functioning site up and running in just a couple of days.

Ian now has a fresh, new look to his Facebook advertising course - all delivered without interruption to his membership service!

Good Millwork

Good Millwork

The team at Good Millwork approached Red Staple Media and asked us to lend our expertise to rescue them from the struggles of using Typepad to grow their site.

While they were relatively happy with the design of their Typepad site, they realized the need to move to WordPress but didn't know where to start. With the expertise at Red Staple Media, we quickly had a new WordPress site built using Thesis and seamlessly migrated over all of the existing content from the Typepad blog.

Good Moldings

Good Moldings

With the success of the Good Millwork blog migration and redesign completed, the team at Good Millwork engaged Red Staple Media once again to build a new site to feature the product side of their business.

Working hand-in-hand with the client, we were able to design a similar Thesis powered site to deliver the bread and butter of their business directly to their customers.

Screaming Moms

Screaming Moms

There is no question that being a Mom is a lot of hard work - yet most Moms always seem so composed. When these two Moms came to Red Staple Media and asked for our help, we learned their secret.

What is their secret?

Well, you'll just have to visit their blog to learn the secrets of these Screaming Moms and to see what kind of fun design ideas we had for this Thesis powered site.

Atypical Dad

Atypical Dad

Behind every Screaming Mom is an Atypical Dad...or is it a typical Dad?

We couldn't let the Moms have all of the fun, so we created another unique Thesis customization to let this Dad share his anything but typical opinions.

Golden Rule Gazebo

Golden Rule Gazebo

Golden Rule Gazebo is a family-owned business that designs and builds the most beautiful gazebos with their own hands just as they would build one for themeselves.

After having their old site redesigned, they found it wasn't really meeting their needs like they thought it would. As well as they do with building gazebos, they knew that they needed an equally talented team to build their new site and that is why they came to Red Staple Media.

With another fresh Thesis customization, we have allowed Golden Rule Gazebo to do what they do best - build gazebos!

Even More Thesis Work...

In addition to the sites above that we have built for our clients using the Thesis WordPress theme, we have built a few for ourselves as well.

When you get a chance, take a look at the sections below for No Bogies and Threaded Web as both of these are also Thesis customizations designed by Red Staple Media.

No Bogies :: Improve Your Golf Game Today

No Bogies

No Bogies

No Bogies is dedicated to helping you improve your golf game today by providing the latest in tips, news, and product reviews.

The team at No Bogies continually researches the latest in cutting edge products and techniques that you can use to improve your game.

Enjoy the same advantages as touring pros and stay abreast of breaking golf news by subscribing to the No Bogies RSS feed.

Don't forget to check out the Hot Deals for the latest in innovative products that will have you playing like a pro!

Threaded Web :: WordPress Specialists

Threaded Web

Threaded Web

Threaded Web, founded by the Editor In Chief here at Red Staple Media, focuses on sharing their knowledge and expertise of the Interweb to make your business stronger.

As specialists in installing, upgrading, and enhancing WordPress powered websites - that's right, WordPress can be used for more than just blogs - Threaded Web can have you up and running with a brand new site in no time.

When you need expert help, turn to the WordPress specialists at Threaded Web!

Take a moment to subscribe to the RSS feed or find the guys and say hello some time!

Derek Semmler dot com

Derek Semmler dot com

Derek Semmler dot com

Derek Semmler, Editor In Chief here at Red Staple Media, discusses the trials and tribulations of the Interweb and turning a blog into a source of revenue.

As Derek experiments with a variety of monetization methods, he shares his tips and tricks on what works and doesn't work with a monthly recap on blogging for money.

In addition to the outstanding content covering the Interweb, Derek also discusses his passion for speed as he talks about motorcycles and cars, as well as being quite liberal with the sharing of link love.

Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed so you don't miss the next exciting contest!

My New Choice :: The Path to Financial Freedom

My New Choice

My New Choice :: Debt Free, Financially Independent and Retired Early

My New Choice is devoted to being a resource of information to assist you with your efforts to eliminate debt and build a life of financial independence with the possibility for an early retirement.

Written by an average American that has battled through periods of debt and is now on the track towards financial independence, My New Choice is a personal finance blog where you can learn and ask questions about a variety of topics related to finances, including:

Begin your journey to financial freedom today!

Sparkplugging :: The Man Page

The Man Page

Sparkplugging :: The Man Page

As part of the Sparkplugging blog network, The Man Page is your home for career advice, parenting tips, and laughs for every man.

Whether you are interested in reading an interview with Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, learning how to buy your wife a gift, or understanding why men cry about the strangest things - you will find all of that, and more, at The Man Page.

With a diverse community that is rapidly growing, The Man Page is quickly establishing a name for itself as one of the premier blogs for men.

Stop by The Man Page today and be sure to say hello!


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